Trademark Search

Trademark Search

Trademark Search A trademark is a gun in the hand of proprietor who has created his/her a unique identity in the market or in the eyes of the individuals. Once the trademark of any proprietor or a Company or in other words an Applicant is registered it provides all legal rights which he can use to protect his ownership. He can take all legal measure against the person who has used the trade identity without permission of the owner or authority of the person who have already taken the registration of the trademark. It is identified through a logo or wordmark or one can say a symbol which denotes a unique identity distinct from all other. Once the trademark is registered the owner can use the intended trademark while doing the business and if any other person uses it then a legal action can be taken by the owner against him. The trademark is denoted through signs ™ and ® where ™ denotes application filed with the registrar and ® denotes that the application has been approved.

A trademark is a brand name or any logo created by the owner to distinguish its products and or services being rendered by him. It creates an identity of him in the eyes of the audience. It can also be said that the trademark provide a goodwill to the owner of the mark. Trademark can be logo created by the owner, specific name, any symbol, or combination of colour, any image etc.

If anyone wants to create a separate identity he can apply for trademark application with the trademark registrar and after being satisfied that the document and information provided by the applicant is complete in all respect he will issue a Trademark certificate in the name of the Applicant.

Trademark Watch/Search

Trademark watch or Trademark search is a process in which one can check whether the trademark which is going to be applied in already filed by any other person or not in the records of Registrar. Trademark registration is a long process and one has to see each step very caution as it will increase the time to approving the application. Trademark search report help the client to understand whether other marks are being registered or not and if registered or application in this regard has already being filed by someone else. It not only helps whole preparing your application however, it also help the clients in monitoring the application after it is being filed.

Importance of Trademark Search Report

As we know that it is very critical to track the status of trademark registration application which is being filed with the trademark registry. It helps when applying for trademark with the Trademark registry and also during the pendency of the application After registration


Here are some of the benefits which might help you tracking the trademark application status

  • We will update you time to time about the status which will help you to understand what is happening with your application after being filed.
  • We will prepare and filed the reply if any objection or opposition is being filed by anyone.
    We will appear on your behalf before the trademark registry.
  • We will monitor the status of trademarks and look out for all other similar marks.
  • We will prepare and share the status report with you whenever required.

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