Gift Voucher is issued and is the property of LetsComply unit of Red chilli Management Services Private Limited having a registered office at E-56, LGF, Greater Kailash Enclave Part – I, New Delhi,110048 India. These Terms and Conditions of Use apply to all Gift Voucher issued by LetsComply.

Gift Voucher is issued subject to following Terms and Conditions and by using Gift Voucher you will be deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.


* ‘We/ Us/ Our’ means LetsComply which is a unit of Red chilli Management Services Private Limited and its portal i.e. www.letscomly.com “hereinafter called LetsComply”

* ‘Gift Voucher/ Voucher’ means a Gift Voucher including but not limited for the denomination of INR 10,000/- (Ten Thousand Only), INR 5,000/- (Five Thousand Only) or as issued or prescribed by LetsComply from time to time.

* ‘Services’ means Legal, Financial, Taxation, Secretarial and Other Services mentioned in www.letscomly.com. “Hereinafter called Services”.

* ‘Person’ means a person defined under Section 2(31) of Income Tax Act, 1961.

* ‘Redeemer/ You/ User’ means a person in whose favour Gift Voucher is an issue by LetsComply according to the terms and conditions of use.


* Gift Vouchers (‘GVs’) are issued by LetsComply and process of issuance are reserved with LetsComply.

* Gift Voucher is only valid when presented the authentic physical/electronic voucher during its validity period.

* Gift Voucher will be treated as cash and receiving of defected, mutilated, altered Gift Voucher will not be replaced, refunded or redeemed & lost or stolen Gift Voucher also will not be re-issued. LetsComply will not be responsible for any miss happening if arises with Gift Voucher.

* It must be redeemed before the expiry date shown on the voucher. It will be void and may not be redeemed after expiry date from the date of issue and any corresponding unused balance shall be forfeited thereafter and become the property of LetsComply.

* On receipt of the Gift Vouchers, it is the responsibility of the recipient to register him/ herself by way of writing their details at info@letscomply.com

* The Gift Vouchers shall be redeemed by Client who is taking professional services of LetsComply. Gift Voucher cannot be exchanged for a different denomination or type of Gift Voucher or for another tender, cash or discount.

* The client can set-off 25% of the total value of services to be availed from the LetsComply against the amount of voucher and agree to pay the remaining amount of service charges by cash/cheque/ bank transfer.

* No Gift Vouchers are transferable and can be used only by the recipients.

* LetsComply reserve the right to change any terms contained in these Terms and Conditions at any time. All the updates regarding additional terms and conditions are available on www.letscomply.com.

* Once the Service Orders placed by clients using Gift Voucher(s) cannot be cancelled at a later point in time.

* If the 25% value of service is less than the amount of the Gift Voucher, the outstanding balance (after deduction of order value) will reflect under the same Gift Voucher and can be used for subsequent transactions.

* If the 25% value of service exceeds the Gift Voucher amount, the balance must be paid by through transfer of online amount through Internet Banking, payment in cash, payment by Cheque.

* The validity of Gift Voucher cannot be extended, new Gift Vouchers cannot be provided against the expired/unused Gift Voucher.

* LetsComply reserves the right to cancel the Gift Voucher if the same has been found to be purchased with fraudulent means.

* In the event the beneficiary/Know Your Customer (“KYC”) details as per RBI Guidelines are found to be incorrect/ insufficient, LetsComply retain the right to cancel the Gift Voucher issued.

* You agree and understand that Gift Voucher may be a pre-paid payment Instrument subjected to regulations by RBI Under the RBI guidelines, LetsComply may be required to share KYC details of the purchaser/ redeemer of the Gift Voucher and/or any other information with relation to the purchase of the Gift Vouchers and/or transaction undertaken using the Gift Voucher with RBI or such statutory authorities. LetsComply may contact the purchaser/redeemer of the Gift Vouchers for any such information.

* There is no fee or other charges associated with Gift Voucher purchase. Gift Vouchers cannot be reloaded or resold.

* If you have a question or a concern about the information set forth in this terms and conditions please contact us at info@letscomply.com we will try to deal with all, questions, and concerns within a reasonable period.

* The terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. All disputes in relation to these Terms will be adjudicated exclusively before a competent court in New Delhi, India only.


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