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New process of registration of company started- One more step in ease of doing business in India as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (hereinafter “MCA”) announces the launch of a new form ie., ‘SPICe+’ for incorporating a new company in India means that the existing SPICe has been replaced.

The form will be available from 15th February 2020. It is a consolidated form that will help the businesses to get ten different services, as mentioned below by filing just a single form. It will definitely save time, cost and efforts and also a great pathway for Starting a Business in India.


  1. It is an integrated Web Form which will be available on MCA after 15th February 2020
  2. The form SPICe+ has been divided into two parts part A is to reserve your name and in Part B 10 different services can be availed. Hereinbelow the list of startup

(i) Registration of the company;

(ii) Allotment of DINs;

(iii) Issuance of PAN card;

(iv) Issuance of TAN;

(v) Issuance of EPFO registration;

(vi) Issuance of ESIC registration;

(vii) Issuance of Profession Tax registration (only for Maharashtra);

(viii) Opening of Bank Account; and

(ix) GST registration (if applied)

Hence one can say that it is a great initiative in ease of doing business in India.

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3. The applicant will be having both the option either use Part-A to reserve the name of the company and thereafter, submit Part B in order to register the company or file both the forms simultaneously.

4. Now, there will be no need of mentioning SRN for name reserved in Part A, the same will be automatically displayed while filing Part B after filing of Part A.

5. Resubmission will be handled through the application number. Hence, filing resubmission will be easy, as and when required.

6. It is to be noted that the option to use RUN service will only be available to “change in the name” of an existing company.

7. In order to save more time all the details related to the approved name and other incorporation details as are submitted in Part A of SPICe+, will be automatically be Pre-filled in all other linked forms like eMoA, eAoA, AGILE-PRO, URC-1 and INC-9 (as may be applicable).  

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8. To ensure ease of filling details the form SPICe+ is divided into various sections.

9. Information entered can be saved and modified, if required. 

10. Interestingly, except for DSC validation, all other validations will be happened on the web-form by itself.

11. The form SPICe+ has to be converted into a pdf file once all the relevant information has been filled thereafter, DSCs will be affixed.

12. Signed application(s) can be uploaded along with all linked forms, as applicable in accordance with the existing process.

13. Moreover, the Changes or any modifications to SPICe+ can be done even after the applicant has generated the pdf file and affixed DSCs,

14. Registration for ESIC and EPFO has been made mandatory for all new companies that are incorporated w.e.f 15th February 2020.

15. Registration for Profession Tax is made mandatory for all new companies incorporated in Maharashtra state, w.e.f 15th February 2020.

16. Application for opening of bank account is made mandatory for all new companies incorporated w.e.f 15th February 2020the same application shall be filed through the form AGILE-PRO linked web form.

17. Last but not least, declaration of all Subscribers and first Directors of the company which is currently being filed in Form INC-9 will be automatically generated in pdf format and shall be submitted only through Electronic form in all cases, except in case:

17. The no. of subscribers and/or directors is more than 20;

(b) Any of the subscribers and/or directors do not have DIN and PAN



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