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FSSAI License In India- What is an FSSAI license?

FSSAI License In India- FSSAI works towards setting scientific standards for foodstuffs, towards organizing manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, sales and import. In fact, it is necessary for any startup company or with a plan to enter the retail food business to obtain an FSSAI license. This is, of course, in accession to the other licenses you need.

This is an initiative by the Govt of India to ensure that food produced, distributed or imported adheres to the standards established by the Food Authority, thus avoiding problems such as cheating and the poor quality of food.

Its FSSAI license is divided into three categories:

1. FSSAI was licensing for one-state companies with annual turnover from under Rs. 12 lakh.

2. FSSAI license for one-country hotels, restaurants, and mid-sized food manufacturers with an annual turnover of Rs. 12 lakh to Rs. 20 crores.

3. FSSAI Corporate Central Licensing with a turnover of more than Rs. 20 crores.

If you plan to open ports in more than one country, you will need a central FSSAI license for registered offices and country licenses for specific units. Moreover, if you have warehouses in various states, you will be required to obtain a separate license for each facility.

Who will require FSSAI registration?

Any establishments involved in the manufacture, purchase, import, processing, packaging, storage and distribution of foodstuffs will need to obtain this license. Once registered online, businesses are provided with a 14-digit registration number. In fact, any food parcels distributed or manufactured should bear the registration number.

Steps to buying an FSSAI food license in India:

Fill in Application

Fill in the application form (Form B) mentioned in Food Safety and Security Standards (Food Companies Licensing and Registration), Regulation 2011.

Before filling out your application, check the type of FSSAI license you may need, from the person concerned. You can check this link below for information about government and central licenses.

Send the form to the authority

Attach the following to the application form and send it to the licensing authority (country or centre):

1- A self-certified declaration as stipulated in the figure in annexe 1

2- Copies of the documents listed in annexe 2 of the system.

3. The fees stipulated in Table 3, depending on your category of a food business is located in.

The list of documents you may need includes:

1. First, in the case of ownership, a copy of the identity and proof of address from the owner, managers or partners. Evidence should have been issued by the Government of India

2.list of categories of foodstuffs that you would like to manufacture, purchase, package, etc.

3. Plan or plan for a manufacturing, storage or distribution facility

4. Company name

5. Food Analysis Report (as demanded by FSSAI)

6. Source of raw materials and NOC from a local municipality.

Additional information

If any additional information relating to the application is requested by the licensing authority or if the application is found to be unfinished, you will be informed in writing within 15 days of your request.

Next, you will have to submit the remaining information within 30 days of the tip. If you fail to do the same, your application for a license will be rejected.

Application number

Once the completed application is received, including additional information (if requested by the authority), the application identification number will be issued. Moreover, this identification number must be used for reference and for all future correspondence. Thus, you can expect the license within 60 days of issuing the app ID number.

Also, check out how to check your FSSAI license number online.

Inspection report

After issuing the application identification number, the licensing authority may direct an employee to inspect the building in which your business will be opened.

In fact, this is done in the manner stipulated in the Indian Food Safety Authority regulations and standards. An inspection officer may arise a notice to you, guiding you to the necessary steps that you must take or the changes that you must make in your workplaces to ensure general health and hygiene conditions.

Therefore, you will need to implement the required steps, changes or modifications and intimate licensing power over this matter within 30 days or within the time that is permitted.

Approval of the license

Within 30 days of receiving the inspection information report, except for the time it took to comply with the comments in the inspection report, the relevant licensing authority must consider the application and can either grant a license or reject the request. However, before your license application is rejected, you must have an opportunity to hear, and if the authority still chooses to reject your application, the reasons for refusal must be recorded in writing.

TDS Refund

Displaying the license

You will be issued a license in Figure C under Schedule 2 of the Regulations. A real copy of which you will have to display in a prominent place at all times within your commercial buildings.

In addition, check out how to apply for an FSSAI license and registrations on the government portal.

If you want to start a business in the food industry in India, then make sure you have an FSSAI license. Also, recognize that you have to display the license issued by the authority in a prominent place at your workplace. Next, this should be the original copy of the license.

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