Copyright Registration It is a right to protect the original contents of the author. It is a property right in any original work of an individual. It provides an exclusive right to sell or publish and distribute it copyrighted works.

It may includes any literature, art, music, cinematic work etc,. The copyright is a sign denoted as © and after getting the copyright registration the same can be placed on the work as published by the author. The Author can generate as much copies as he/she can and sell them as they like to generate revenue. The intellectual right protects the exclusive right against other one who may publish or selling it without author permission.


Before understanding how to register the copyright, one needs to understand who can register a copyright. Only the creator of the original work can obtain a copyright registration. It can also be the possibility that anyone hire a person to write/create something for him, in this case, the employee shall never assumed to be a real owner but the employer. It means the title of the said work will be possessed by the employer only. The copyright can be obtained by two people as well if they have combinedly created some work. A minor can registered him as well. There is no age bar while taking copyright.

For easy references, we have listed out the person who can take copyright

a.       The person who is created any work

b.      An agent who has been authorized by the owner

c.       Any other person who is claiming that he has obtained the right from the creator

What is the process to register the Copyright

Step 1: Provisions with regard to Registration of copyright are contained in the Copyright Act, 1957. It provides that the following steps must be taken in order to protect your original content:

In order to register the copyright first the author or the applicant is required to file an application, it can be done by himself or through some authorised signatory ie., legal representative. The application can be send through physical mode or it can be filed through online mode ie., on the portal of copyright The application is to be applied alongwith the statutory fees which is ranging from 500 INR to 40,000 INR depending upon the category work as per the schedule. The fees can be paid through demand draft or through e-mode, Demand Draft should be favouring “Registrar of Copyright and Payable at New Delhi”.

Apart from other following are the information which needs to be provided

a). Name, address of the applicant

b). Title and details of the work

c). Language of the work,

d). Details about year and country of publication

f). Mobile and email id of the author

g). Details of authorised signatory

h). Vakalatnama or Power of attorney

Step 2: Examination by the authority: It is to be noted that the application once submitted then No objection shall be marked against the application however it will be done in next 30 days if no objection is being raised by the other party, if raised then again 1 more month will be taken by the registrar. It is mandatory for the registrar to provide an opportunity of being heard to both the party before giving any decision.

Step 3: Issuance of Registration Certificate: Once the Registrar is satisfied that the application and documents as submitted by the applicant is correct and complete in all respect, he shall enter the details in his register and issue a certificate of registration for copyright works to the applicant.


As already discussed, the copyright protects the original work of the author being copying and provides an exclusive right to him. It is also to be noted that there are various categories of work to which the copyright law not applied meaning you cannot take the registration for these categories of work. For example unrecorded works, performances of the improvisational kind, or any speech not written or not recorded, it can also be names, slogan, small paras and systems, ideas etc. After taking the registration the owner can produce the work as per his convenience.

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