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What is FSSAI Licensing? Is it mandatory to take FSSAI License?

In order to check the hygiene and quality of food, Food Safety and Authority of India (FSSAI) was established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. FSSAI is responsible for regulation and inspecting the quality and safety standard of goods. FSSAI, a regulator, under the control of Ministry of Family Health and Welfare, issues FSSAI license to the FBOs carrying food business activity in India.

Yes, it is mandatory for a Food Business Operator (FBO) to take FSSAI license to carry out food business activity in India. No FBO can carry its food business activity without an FSSAI License.

You must be wondering, what an FBO is? Does your Company/Organization require an FSSAI License? or if you are just a proprietor, do you need to register yourself to FSSAI?

Well, the answer is Yes. All the Companies, Organizations, carrying out food business activity in India or any part of India are required to have FSSAI License for their business.

For which License you are eligible- Central or State?

That depends on your eligibility, which is decided on the basis of quantity of production and turnover of your business. Before starting the procedure, you can check your eligibility on the FSSAI website.

If you are a Company or an organization which is carrying business in different States of India with the same name, you are required to take one Central license for your Head/ Registered Office.

How To Get FSSAI License

Selecting Between FSSAI License or Registration?

A FSSAI License is required for an FBO carrying food business activity in India, for which a prescribed form is filled online and the required fees is paid and after completing the procedure, an FSSAI license is issued.

The hawkers, petty retailers, temporary stallholders, itinerant vendors or a small scale or cottage industry carrying food business activity can simply get themselves registered, which is done online on the official website of FSSAI.

Renewal of FSSAI

A FSSAI License is valid for minimum one year and maximum five years. It shall be renewed after the expiry of such period for which it is valid. Application for renewal is also filed online.

For which location?

A FBO must take FSSAI license for each State, where it is carrying food business activity from the State FSSAI office and one Central license is compulsory for the Head office or Registered office of an FBO carrying business with the same name in different States of India.

When it can be filed?

An application for FSSAI license/registration is filed through the official website of FSSAI, it can be filed at any time and at any place. All you need is a Laptop and internet.


  • Government Fee

    For Central License- Rs. 7,500
    For State License-

  • For Manufacturers-

    Rs. 5000/ Rs. 3000/ Rs.2000 depending upon the category and quantity of business.

Benefits & Importance of FSSAI

FSSAI License is issued by Food Department, Government of India. It is compulsory for an FBO (Food Business Organization) to get FSSAI license.

FSSAI is a single reference point for matters related to food safety and standards, regulations and enforcement.

FSSAI lays down science based standards for articles of food and manufacture, the FBOs must confirm to such food standards. The standards differ from product to product; the aim is to implement those measures that are necessary for that particular food type.

FSSAI regulate manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import of food. Also, a recall plan is submitted by the certain category to FBOs.

FSSAI keeps an eye on the FBOs and protects the interest of the consumers. It maintains food quality levels to ensure safety of the customers. A product packaging speaks a lot about its content, ingredients which inform the consumers about the product quality.

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